Big Pun & Son 1996 | #Home

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8 x 10 photos

Printed on Luster Fine Art Paper: This paper is the recommended choice to showcase every memory.

Luster Paper provides  A smooth, matte surface made from 90% sustainable bamboo fibers. It is non-fading surface keep colors looking sharp without a heavy dose of texture.



T. Eric Monroe is opening his historic vault of 90’s Hip Hop to help the
Recovery Efforts of Families in need. Proceeds will be sent to organizations directly aiding families in need, such as Why Not Care (501c3) and Step Up 4 PR. 

Monroe has put together a collection of 5 Hip Hop Moments that
express #HumanityinHipHop: Community, Love, & Friendship

Portions of the proceeds will be divided between:

Family of the artist (Big Pun)

Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

Universal Hip Hop Museum


(Photos arrive without watermark)