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 1999 After our first year in business we began to find our groove as a working unit. The average contest was managed and run by six people. The day-to-day tasks were run by two people, Danny Lewin and myself. Looking back at it now, we didn’t have defined roles for our jobs, we just understood what needed to get done.  Danny was what we now call a Brand Manager. He maintained and built each league’s identity, brand strategy, authenticity, and more. Monday through Friday, he worked with our graphic designer Mark Hardy to design the contest flyer, edit videos, update...

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Ecko provided a foundation and culture for the United Skateboard Association to develop and grow. After a successful launch of the amateur skateboard program, Ecko offered the U.S.A. free office space and business support, and in exchange the U.S.A. would make Ecko their presenting sponsor and also connected Ecko to all the major skateboard amateur leagues in North America. 

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So, a little over a year after Shred for Life 2, I launched the United Skateboarding Association (U.S.A.), an amateur skateboard contest series, initially just in the Northeastern United States. The first year was a starting point. I started with the contact list and a homemade event flyer that told the message of what I was trying to create.

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