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Big Pun and Son on the steps of their home

South Bronx, Summer 1996

"Pun was seated on the step in front of his porch, on the wireless house phone. Christopher came out of the house holding his father’s Godfather hat, knowing his father liked to wear that particular hat in photo shoots. Pun continued his phone call. His wife at this point was at the doorway, behind the screened door, looking toward Pun's and Christopher’s backs.

Pun finished the phone conversation. He set down the phone, smiled, then leaned over to kiss his son as thanks for bringing his Godfather hat."

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T. Eric Monroe’s work peers into a personal space, reserved for close friends and trusted loved ones. When struggle affects our communities, we lean on our neighbors and friends to heal and to rebuild. Currently, to support families of the artists and the preservation and promotion of hiphop culture, Monroe has put together a collection of 5 Hip Hop Moments that express #HumanityinHipHop.

Proceeds from the #HipHopRelief Collection will support families and estates of artists as well as direct relief efforts. 

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