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T. Eric Monroe

Rare & Unseen Moments of 90’s Hip Hop

T. Eric Monroe

Rare & Unseen Moments of 90’s Hip Hop

Signature Series

Limited Edition Release


T. Eric Monroe’s work peers into a personal space, reserved for close friends and trusted loved ones. When tragedy affects our communities, we lean on our neighbors and friends to heal and to rebuild. To support the victims of Hurricane Florence along the Atlantic Coast and Puerto Rico, Monroe has put together a collection of 5 Hip Hop Moments that express #HumanityinHipHop.

Proceeds from the #HipHopHurricaneRelief Collection will be donated towards direct relief efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Florence. 

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Signature Series 1.0

T. Eric Monroe Print Shop is releasing a limited quantity of archival prints for the general public.

The collected images are a rare glimpse into what Monroe calls, “that moment when life becomes immortalized - capturing a moment in life that tells its own story of your cultural heroes.”