When you see these images you might be brought back to a time of nostalgia. Where you think back to where you were, who you were around, & what you were doing. Photographs help us remember moments in our lives, including what we love, how we felt, and who we admired.

This is what makes photography both an art form and a visual documentative report. Because of this, photographers provide so much value to our culture and society. But for too long, many of them, especially those in the hip-hop community, haven’t been able to fully
benefit financially from their work because of the inability to monetize on social platforms.

Until now. We’re Flash Mints. We’ve created the premiere solution for photographers to fully monetize their work and we’re doing it all through blockchain technology. Our goal is to help them enter and thrive in the NFT space by making it easy to connect with collectors from all over the world. Flash Mints is made for photographers, with the goal of helping them monetize on their own terms while protecting the value of their art for themselves and their collectors.

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FLASH SALE - Tupac Blunt Smile T-shirt $39.99

Tupac Blunt Smile T-shirt by Photographer, T. Eric Monroe. Monroe, for the Holidays.

A smile of Tupac Shakur captured in Harlem, New York City in 1994 on a Limited Edition commemorative t-shirt.

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The image is Direct-to-Garmet printed on a 100% preshrunk soft spun cotton (90/10 cotton/polyester) t-shirt offered in black or white.

Photo © T. Eric Monroe @tdoteric



The Collector's Edition features intimate moments of 90’s Hiphop legends, captured through the lens of T. Eric Monroe.

The limited release photo book features all three volumes of the Rare & Unseen Moments of 90's Hiphop Trilogy, alongside bonus material. Handcrafted in Queens, NY, this collector's edition release is limited to 100 copies. Each volume is uniquely printed with the number of your edition (X of 100).