1992 - 1998

My work was first published in Thrasher Magazine in 1988, while in High School. By 1992 I became a monthly photographer and writer for Thrasher Magazines’ music section.

My website - TdotEric.com

Canon AE1, Canon T-90, Yashica Mat, Mamiya RZ67

Yes, it was call The United Skateboard Association. We ran two leagues, The Beast of The East, and The GROM Contest Series from 1998 - 2005

Two reasons, one: I didn’t car for internal politics of the staff, and two: I wanted to start an amateur skateboard league similar to what I was actively involved in when I was a teen.

Yes, I was The Photo Editor from Fall 1995 - 1996.

1993 - 1996 my work also appeared in The Source Magazine, XXL, Vibe, Rap Pages, NME (New Music Express), Urb, and others.

Currently some of my works are in the museum tour of Fotografiska, right now it is in Stockholm.

Yes, in 1993 I photographed Biggie, Tupac, Lil’ Cease all together backstage at an Onyx show, they were all wearing the same t-shirt that said, “I’m A Bad Boy” a line from a song Biggie recorded with Super Cat.


I am Showcasing my work at museums and galleries, along with publishing books to share my work and tell stories about my experiences in the 90’s.

I understood with Social Media people were interested in seeing the historical time of the 90’s beyond was featured in 90’s Hip hop magazines.