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Using the ambient light in the hallway I began shooting them from different angles. After the first 8 frames, the group relaxed and stopped doing the typical 'rap, yo!' poses, vibing with each other. Each of their actions was fluid, in sync with the movements of the others. If there was a low angle shift, someone else moved high; if someone gave a look, someone else would motion or adjust their look to stay complementary to the person adjacent.

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As enchanted as I was, I didn't stay for the recording of the song. I must have had somewhere to be. Before I left the studio, I was in the lounge, preparing to leave. Ladybug Mecca and Guru were seated on the couch across from me — not songwriting — just vibing, having a good moment.

I quietly took out my camera, waited a moment. Mecca looked into Guru. Guru looked into me.

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Sunset View: Twin Towers Before Their Fall Williamsburg Brooklyn, Summer 2001 Photographed by T. Eric Monroe Background The Source magazine contacted me to help them with a photo shoot. They wanted to do a fashion spread highlighting skateboard fashion. They needed help getting talented skaters and a skate location for the shoot. I was hired as a coordinator for this shoot. At this time, I had stopped doing photography as a profession and had moved into the Action Sports world. I ran a successful amateur skateboard league, managed national marketing programs for clients. Photography was a part of my past....

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I did not know Nas directly, nor know enough about him to conjure what he typically looked like in photograph. I didn't have a pre-conceived subject. I wanted to capture him as he was, in the moment. Nas has a strong,  quiet presence. Watching and observing from non-traditional angles allowed me to see different perspectives, different ways to allow him to tell a story without saying a word. I never directed his movements or actions. I just watched, observed, and captured.

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