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I did not have a light meter to tell me the proper f-stop to set my aperture, nor did I have polaroid back to see what things actually looked like.  My camera was a Canon AE-1 Program, manual everything.

I would make the flashes pop every so often so I could see where and how the light fell, I did a few calculation to determine possible f-stops based on feet of the flash away from the subject, how much light I would lose because of the gel on the flash, it was the best I could do.


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As enchanted as I was, I didn't stay for the recording of the song. I must have had somewhere to be. Before I left the studio, I was in the lounge, preparing to leave. Ladybug Mecca and Guru were seated on the couch across from me — not songwriting — just vibing, having a good moment.

I quietly took out my camera, waited a moment. Mecca looked into Guru. Guru looked into me.

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Sunset View: Twin Towers Before Their Fall Williamsburg Brooklyn, Summer 2001 Photographed by T. Eric Monroe Background The Source magazine contacted me to help them with a photo shoot. They wanted to do a fashion spread highlighting skateboard fashion. They needed help getting talented skaters and a skate location for the shoot. I was hired as a coordinator for this shoot. At this time, I had stopped doing photography as a profession and had moved into the Action Sports world. I ran a successful amateur skateboard league, managed national marketing programs for clients. Photography was a part of my past....

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I did not know Nas directly, nor know enough about him to conjure what he typically looked like in photograph. I didn't have a pre-conceived subject. I wanted to capture him as he was, in the moment. Nas has a strong,  quiet presence. Watching and observing from non-traditional angles allowed me to see different perspectives, different ways to allow him to tell a story without saying a word. I never directed his movements or actions. I just watched, observed, and captured.

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